The Center for Geriatric Behavioral Health is designed to treat and improve the lives of adults 65 years and older who are suffering from depression and other psychiatric diseases. Special care is taken to meet our patients emotional and physical needs to assure their safety and well-being while in our care. For the aging populations, The Center for Geriatric Behavioral Health offers two distinct programs; The Senior Adult Unit and the Senior Intensive Treatment Unit.

The Senior Adult Unit is designed for those who have a high degree of functioning prior to the onset of psychiatric symptoms. Our treatment programs focus on achieving stability and recovery in a relatively short stay.

The Senior Intensive Treatment Program is designed for patients who are in need of a more specialized course of treatment and typically stay an average of 10-12 days. Our team of dedicated professionals develop a course of treatment based upon the individual needs of the patient.

Treatment plans are closely monitored and updated as the patient progresses.