Medical Help 24/7; Consult-A-Nurse® Delivers

Uncertainty is one of the most common reasons that patients do not receive proper medical care. People are not certain about what might be affecting them, whether they need to see a doctor or where to find a doctor even if they do want care. The best way to clear up this uncertainty is information.

People need to know about medical conditions, how to spot them and where to go to receive care for a particular disorder. Without information, many people ignore health issues and some outright avoid going to the doctor. In the spirit of increasing people’s knowledge and access to medical care, HCA Hospitals have joined together to create a resource for the community. They have created a helpful program called Consult-A-Nurse®. This program combines a website and a series of call centers that can make sure people get the information that they need. Between these two outlets, people can find information twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.

Consult-A-Nurse® provides three main options for medical resources.

Health Information

The website has a wealth of health and medical information. There are seven different categories of information available to anyone who like to learn a little more.

  • Cancer- This section contains information on specific types of cancer and explains some of the diagnosis and treatment options associated with particular types of cancer.
  • Conditions- This section has information on hundreds of individual disorders. We understand that medical terms can be a bit confusing so we have provided a resource that defines individual conditions.
  • Diet Center- Whether you want to be healthier, lose weight or are in a particular sage of life, such as pregnancy, your diet is important. This section tells you about different types of diets and what foods are best for each.
  • Health Day News- Current events are important for everyone. This Section keeps you up to date on what is happening in the world of medicine and health.
  • Medical Dictionary- Medical terms are generally not a part of everyday language. This section helps people understand exactly what doctors are talking about.
  • Natural and Alternative Treatments- Sometimes you can treat medical conditions with the help of natural remedies. Other times there are foods that you can eat that will help avoid medical troubles altogether. This section is a great way to teach you how to get involved in your healthcare.

Hospital Sponsored Events

While our website has some great information, some people prefer to learn in person. All of our medical facilitates offer informational events on wide variety of health related topics. Consult-A-Nurse® can help you find out about events that are going on near you and even sign you up to attend. At these events you will hear experts talk about medical conditions and you are even able to ask specific questions that you have.

Physician Referral

It is hard to get medical care if you do not know where to go. Our physician referral service will help you to find the right doctor for your medical needs. We can tell you who you need to see and recommend specialists if your medical condition requires.

We invite you to use Consult-A-Nurse® to answer your medical questions. While we will not tell you that this resource replaces the medical care that a doctor can provide, it will get you on the right track. Getting the right information is the first step in properly addressing medical concerns. Call us at (866)-4HCA-DOCS (442-2362).