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Showing 1 to 5 of 108 for "Internal Medicine"
Showing 1 to 5 of 108 for "Internal Medicine"

Specialty (13)

City (13)

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Gender (2)

Practice Name (97)

CCG of South Florida (3)

Care Health Center II (1)

Compass Health Systems (1)

Diagnostic Cardiology Associates (1)

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Dr. Aaron Schwartz, DO (1)

Dr. Alan Sackin, MD (1)

Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD (1)

Dr. Alexander Shiman, MD (1)

Dr. Alfred Kalman, MD (1)

Dr. Asghar Chaudhry, MD (1)

Dr. Aslam Khan, MD (1)

Dr. Barry Ross, MD (1)

Dr. Barry Streit, MD (1)

Dr. Barry Werner, MD (1)

Dr. Charles Glaser, MD (1)

Dr. Charles Lieber, MD (1)

Dr. David Raskin, MD (1)

Dr. Dean Railey, MD (1)

Dr. Diego Echeverri, MD (1)

Dr. Douglas Neimand, MD (1)

Dr. Douglas Weissman, MD (1)

Dr. Edouard Martin, MD (1)

Dr. Eduardo Sabates, MD (1)

Dr. Edward Deutsch, MD (1)

Dr. Enrique Rodriguez-Paz, MD (1)

Dr. Frederick Polsky, DO (1)

Dr. George Lim, MD (1)

Dr. George Rodriguez-Paz, MD (1)

Dr. George Waked, MD (1)

Dr. Gus Armenakis, MD (1)

Dr. Howard Koch, MD (1)

Dr. Ibiza Nevares, MD (1)

Dr. Jesus Quintero, MD (1)

Dr. Jonathan Perwien, MD (1)

Dr. Joseph Hadeed, MD (1)

Dr. Kevin Bender, MD (1)

Dr. Kevin Stone, MD (1)

Dr. Kutty Chandran, MD (1)

Dr. Lance Simkins, MD (1)

Dr. Leonardo Buchbinder, MD (1)

Dr. Luis Orihuela, MD (1)

Dr. Lynette Sieracki, DO (1)

Dr. Mark Akselrud, MD (1)

Dr. Marlon Labi, MD (1)

Dr. Medhat Awad, MD (1)

Dr. Nancy Cardenas-Bada, MD (1)

Dr. Nicholas Katz, MD (1)

Dr. Nigam Parikh, MD (1)

Dr. Orlando Maytin, MD (1)

Dr. Osvaldo Torres, MD (1)

Dr. Richard Fox, MD (1)

Dr. Richard Polakoff, MD (1)

Dr. Richard Rubenstein, MD (1)

Dr. Ricky Schneider, MD (1)

Dr. Roberto Coquis, MD (1)

Dr. Roger Dawkins, MD (1)

Dr. Ronen Arai, MD (1)

Dr. Rosa Herrera, MD (1)

Dr. Ross Nochimson, MD (1)

Dr. Scott Smoller, MD (1)

Dr. Shahrad Mabourakh, MD (1)

Dr. Stanley Richter, MD (1)

Dr. Stephen Lipkin, MD (1)

Dr. Steven Cohn, MD (1)

Dr. Steven Foster, MD (1)

Dr. Steven Kimmel, MD (1)

Dr. Steven Linden, MD (1)

Dr. Steven Weiss, MD (1)

Dr. Stewart Bitman, MD (1)

Dr. Ted Brady, DO (1)

Dr. William Sheinbaum, MD (1)

East Florida Primary Care at University (1)

Emcare (2)

Emcare (1)


Family Medicine of Margate (1)

Florida Acute Care Specialists (4)

Genesis Medical Center (1)

Healthcare Partners South Florida (3)

Heart and Health Institute (1)

IPC HOspitalist Company (1)

IPC Hospitalist Company (1)

IPC The Hospitalist Company (1)

IPC the Hospitalist Company (1)

Infectious Disease Associates of Broward County (1)

MedPsych Consultants (1)

Medpsych Consultants (1)

Office of Dr. Anwer Kashif (1)

Office of Dr. Barbara Martin (1)

Office of Dr. Charles Herrera (1)

Office of Dr. Faiz Fatteh (1)

Office of Dr. John Miloscia (1)

Office of Dr. Paul Hersch (1)

Office of Dr. Regina Portnova (1)

Office of Dr. Veronica Munera (1)

PMC West Oakland Park, LLC (1)

South Florida Inpatient Associates (1)

HCA Employed (2)

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